about the pint and tun

about the pint and tun

Started in 2014, the pint and tun was developed in order to share some of my recipes and some of the processes I've gone through learning how to brew beer over the past five years.  I realized that over that time I have learned a lot, but all the resources were spread over numerous websites and forums.  I'm going to do my best to bring together the articles and resources that helped me the most and share them with you.

I will also be putting my recipes up on the site to share with anyone who'd like to recreate any beers that I've made.  I'll do my best to share the influences in creating these recipes, or source them properly, because many of my recipes have been built off of other recipes I've found and tweaked.

Most importantly, I'd like to offer an opportunity to sign up to our homebrew trade mailing list.  I found it was difficult to get good opinions on the beer I've made mainly because none of my friends are homebrewers.  If you aren't already aware, there is a popular trend of people trading craft beer with others who can't get certain beers in their area.  I'd like to build up a similar following for trading homebrew.  We'll call it homebrew trade, or #homebrewmail.

Thanks for reading and being a part of the community!